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How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

What some clients might be surprised to find is that wedding photographers book a year or two in advance. Therefore I suggest putting booking your wedding photographer on the top of your to do list along with the wedding venue. That being said I won't turn down a last minute booking if I'm a available!

Do we get to meet you in person before the wedding day?

Absolutely! Wedding photography is such a romantic and personal thing so I hope to at least meet the two of you over a video call if we don't get the opportunity to shake hands in person. I like to meet my clients at their wedding venue before the big day so that we can build our friendship whilst taking a walk and discussing your vision. During this time I am able to chat with staff and get some great ideas of where the best photographs would be taken.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes please! Although I have been living in the U.K (Born and raised in Canada) there is still SO much for me to see of this beautiful country so feel free to take me on an adventure.

Can I have all of the photos including unedited photographs?

Although my shutter fires over a thousand times over the course of the day you will not receive all of the photos taken. It's important to me that my clients receive a finished product. Every image is carefully selected during the culling process then professionally edited so that you receive great photos. Giving my clients unedited photographs would be an inaccurate reflection on me as a qualified and passionate photographer. Only the best of the best are chosen to be added to your gallery:)

How many photographs do we receive?

How many photographs that you receive from your wedding day varies with every event but it usually falls between 400-700 edited, high resolution digital images on a private online gallery as well as a customised USB.

Do you have a second shooter working with you?

I'm happy to work my magic on my own but if you want an additional sidekick floating around on your wedding day that can be arranged for an extra cost.

What happens if it rains?

My job as a photographer is to find the best light provided to create beautiful images no matter the situation. If it rains we will move our photo's to an outdoor shelter or a picture perfect indoor location where I will look for a room with the best natural light available. Otherwise, flashes weren't invented for nothing!

Do you charge per hour?

I prefer to book full day (10 hours) weddings, although under certain circumstances some adjustments can be made so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

When do we receive our photographs?

I'm also very busy with lifestyle sessions during peak season so you should expect to receive your photographs within 4-8 weeks. In the slower months you should expect them within 4-6 weeks. 

Do we need to provide you with food throughout the day?

A fed photographer = A happy Photographer!

What if you are ill?

A couples wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives so I will do everything in my power to not miss them tying the knot. If in the case that I was extremely ill I would have a backup in place with similar style to me covering your wedding day so you wouldn't have to worry about having the whole day documented on your guests iphones. The photographs would then be edited personally by me and everything would continue as per usual. 

TIP: Book in an engagement session

Warm up to the camera and find out what works best for you as a couple in a fun and relaxed engagement shoot. Not only is this a really great way to bond with your photographer before the big day, but the photos make great additions to your save the dates, thank you cards and your gallery wall at the wedding. 

Want to know more? Click here: Plan your perfect Engagement session


Do you travel outside of your area?

Yes! If there is a location that resonates with you I will do my best to be there. Seeing new places and beautiful backdrops is always exciting! My goal is to capture your vision so I am willing to travel where ever it is to make that happen for you. Arrangements made beyond a 20 mile radius of TA21 are subject to travel fees.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Once you've selected a date a non-refundable £50 deposit is required to secure your booking.

What if I need to reschedule?

Life gets crazy...especially with children so I understand if you need move things around! Your booking can be moved to another day with no additional charge if the changes are made at least one week prior to your selected date. Last minute changes will be subject to a £40 fee.
Under circumstances out of our control such as weather or poor health, sessions can be rescheduled without repercussions.

Can I print my photos anywhere?

What you do you behind closed doors is none of my business! You can print your photographs with any provider but I highly  recommend ordering professional quality prints and canvases through me rather than other quick sources. Instant machines can significantly alter the contrast, colour and sharpness of the original image so it's best to avoid those!

Do you use props?

If you take a look around my website you'll find that my images are as natural as possible, making my clients the most important "prop" during the session. That being said, sometimes I might want to include a prop or two to fulfil my vision. I've previously used a wood crate, blankets and balloons during a shoot to go with the theme and it was a fun addition. If there is something special to you that you'd like to include let me know and we'll make it work:)

Do we choose the location?

I have a list of my favourite locations to shoot at varied with beaches, woodlands, urban and rural areas but I am ALWAYS open to shooting in new destinations so fill me in on your secrets! Click here for some inspiration:

Can I have all of the photo's including unedited photographs?

Every image is carefully selected during the culling process, then professionally edited so that you receive great photos. Giving my clients unedited photographs would be an inaccurate reflection on me as a qualified and passionate photographer. I'll leave behind the photos that are out of focus, where there's hair in your face or silly faces and give you only the best!

TIP: Don't forget these 4 items:

1. Wet wipes to clear away runny noses, dirt and sleep crusties around the eyes

2. Lip balm for the kids to smooth dry lips and lipstick to retouch mum's lips

3. Bribes! A little treat doesn't hurt for special occasions;) If you get the feeling that your little one will put up a fuss after 10 minutes of shooting, a little bribe can go a long way!

4. This isn't an item, but something that gets looked past is dirty nails. Check everyones hands before you leave the house. Grime under your nails can really tarnish a beautiful photograph...unless we're doing a wreckless, muddy shoot. Then that works!