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Dec 12, 2018
The Paul's | In Home Session

I met Paige on the wonderful world of Instagram and was so drawn to her sincerity and gentle parenting...something that we all aspire to be! She is incredibly grateful for her little family and the home that they've worked so hard to make their own. I mean clearly they're killing it with this kitchen! I knew right away that we needed to do an in-home session. Not just because it's beautiful, but because the home is a special and sacred place. 
The family came together and baked a beautiful cake on a warm summers day in Devon. Getting the kids to engage in an activity helps them focus less on the camera and be more on being in the moment. He loved it and was so hands on! Meanwhile, Ivy dosed off in her mumma's arms the entire time. Seriously, she is an angel child! I like to chat with the family and act more like a guest and a friend, rather than a random person taking pictures. Making my clients feel comfortable is so very important to me and essential for creating those warm and natural images that I love. 
We moved up to the bedrooms which are also a very special place. Noah was very proud of little room! Can you tell with his beaming smile? Family snuggles and bouncing on the bed are expected! The key to in home sessions is to just act like you usually do...a day in the life! The kids are in their element because it's a safe place for them...or they just ask for snacks because they know there are hanging out somewhere. So there's that. But the GREAT far outweighs the bad!
Scroll through to see that in-home sessions don't have to be stuffy or posed, but a complete reflection of you a family:)