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Mar 07, 2020
The Morgans | In-home Session

Holy Smokes I loved this session.
I went into it with full intentions of capturing those sweet everyday moments that you look back on and say, "Remember this?" 
The Morgan's just welcomed baby Alice into the world two weeks ago and it seems as though like she'd always been there. She fit absolutely perfectly and I didn't hear a peep from her the entire time. A real life angel!

My time there was super relaxed...well, as relaxed as it could be with a toddler and a new baby. But that's just it! It's not meant to be perfect. That's not what in-home sessions are about...They're about capturing what comes with each families unique routines and how things flow all in their own space.

The Morgan's are looking for a new home at the moment and now they have these photos to look back on as keepsakes of their time there. All of the nappy changes, tickle fights and first sleeps through the nights. 
The magic:)