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Oct 19, 2017
The Klippensteins - Sheppy's Cider Ltd.

Autumn is a woman with many moods and she was in a great one on this day! The sun was beaming through the apple trees a perfect yellow-orange and the temperature was subtle enough that the ladies could comfortable wander in their sleevless dresses. Mother nature, thank you for making days like this for my clients. It's a nice touch!
I thought of Sheppy's Cider Farm right away when my idea of shooting in an apple orchard came to mind. They were kind enough to give us permission to use their beautiful property and it was perfect!The Klippenstein's were hands down, one of my easiest families to photograph. They were complete naturals and it was so clear how much that they loved each other. John and Lizzi had an intimate and quiet wedding this summer without a photographer they thought they'd have me capture some family photo's to make up for it in their nicest clothes! I made sure to steal them away for a special mini couples session because we all know that sometimes after having kids the spotlight on the parents drifts away. On this day it was for them..and damn! These two are so clearly still in their honeymoon phase!
Autumn is hands down my favourite to photograph. Great light, great families, and all of those yummy Autumnal touches:)