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Aug 27, 2019
Plan Your Perfect Engagement Session

Whether you're a couple looking for a fun experience and beautiful photo's to go with it or you're about to be hitched and you want to warm up for the camera before the big day, this blog will hopefully make you feel excited and prepared for our session.


    The first and most important step is choosing a setting for your session. Think of a place that says something about who you are as a couple. This is your story to tell.

    Are you the adventurous type who love a good woodlands hike? Choose a beautiful forest with rich tones and textures where you can feel your best in your nicest casual clothes.

    Do you live for the coast and fresh sea air? Choose a beach that would serve crisp, neutral and bright images. Romantic, hair blowing in the wind photos always have that wow factor!

    Do you love wandering around historic places? Choose a heritage site or pretty village full of character and charm. These tend to be some of my favourites because there's so much to work with around every corner.

    Most importantly, think about a place that you know will make you feel comfortable. If you're not a fan of crowds and the prospect of people seeing you have your photos taken, then maybe somewhere secluded is your best bet. A little wild and corky? Say yes to theme parks!

    Bonus if it's somewhere that's a significant part of your lives as a couple.


    This is a big one! My goal for our time together is to capture anything and everything that is exactly YOU as a couple.

    Some people hear the words 'engagement session' and think that it needs to involve making out in front of the camera holding awkward poses that are supposed to be romantic. Yes, those can be dreamy sure, and if you two ooze romance and want to give it all to my camera please feel free to do so! But if the best 3 words that describe yourself are sarcastic, goofy & straight up weird then give me all of that and more!

    My sessions for the most part consist of going for a wander, seeing what happens, finding pretty spots and having lots of laughs. So if the prospect of an engagement or couples shoot makes you nervous, call up my previous clients and let them tell you how much fun we had;)


    I know the feeling. You think of your session and you say, "YES! Finally some decent photos of us to go on our walls that aren't a crummy selfie taken on my phone or with someone else's wonky photography skills". Then your stomach drops when you realise, "What the heck are we going to wear?" Don't worry. It's easier than you think:)

    Coordinate, don't match.

    Keep the majority of your looks neutral and choose one element to coordinate. A few elements you can choose from are colour, texture, pattern, or layering pieces.

    Stay simple and avoid at all costs large logos and florescent colours. The attention is meant to be on you, not your soon be outdated style choices. Less is more:)
    If you're the outgoing type and like to wear flashy things, throw a fun t-shirt or button up under your blazer to show off your fun personality. (Blazers are the easiest way to dress up an outfit..every man should have one!)

    Adding some accessories is a great idea but not too many. A little bit of sparkle around your neck, unique earrings or your favourite his and her watches can really add to your photo's. 

    Be mindful of your surroundings. It might not be fitting to wear a summer dress for your Autumn session; earthy tones and warm knits are your best bet. And those stiletto's; save those for a city session rather than a shoot in a grassy field.

    Feel comfortable and feel good.

    This outweighs everything. We all know that when you look good, you feel good. So treat yourself to a new hair cut. Guys, not the day before...those tan lines from your old mop don't look smart.
    Pick out a new dress, a fun tie or jeans that hug you perfectly. Thats probably one of my favourite feelings...fresh jeans that haven't stretched out yet. 

    *TIP* - Book your engagement session the same day as your wedding makeup trial to feel your best.