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Jun 10, 2020

Personal Branding Sessions. Why Now?

Have you found yourself during quarantine letting your mind wander with all of this new free time?
Boredom fuels creativity and small businesses are embracing the change, pivoting their strategies & remembering why they embarked on their journey in the first place. If you’ve clicked on this blog you’ve probably already filled your journals with new ideas and you’re ready to hit the ground running, or you’re a little stuck and looking for a push in the right direction. Here’s 3 reasons why investing in personal branding now is the right time to help grow your business:)

1. People want to support small businesses

It’s your time to shine! During quarantine people were forced to do the majority of their shopping online. Instead of turning to the big brand names, shoppers are taking the opportunity to see if local small businesses are selling what they are looking for.
Let’s face it, this whole experience has humbled us to the core. It’s created a deeper sense of community and the desire to help and support others.
I believe that this mentality is sticking around for the long run so why not get your online presence up to scratch so that you can prove that you’re just as good, if not better than the big guys?

2. Tell Your Story

Personal branding is all about celebrating you and what your business stands for. You've worked so hard to get to here and it's time to show off a little! These days people aren't just hiring you for your services and products - they're hiring you for YOU.
Customers want to know what it feels like to work with you, before they've spoken to you. Having photos on your website and social media platforms that speak truth to your personality and values is a great way to capture potential clients attention. 

3. Quality Imagery = Quality Service

How many times have you looked something up on google, clicked on link, saw an underwhelming website and clicked away? Did you know that it takes only 1.5 seconds to judge a website? They're either going to be intrigued or click that back button. Thats a scary stat but there is any easy solution!
Build trust with your current and potential customers by proving to them with a well designed website and eye catching images that you're going to deliver quality service.  

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Want to learn more about how I can help you? Drop me a message HERE and we can chat:)