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Aug 30, 2017
Nat::Fit - Fitness Instructor - Exmouth Waterfront

Have you seen these funky boots around Somerset? You probably have because of the movement that Natalie has started.
In February 2016 Natalie was feeling insecure and was struggling with her own reflection. She was desperate for change, so when a bounce fit class popped up she jumped right on it. (No pun intended.) Her first class was a real struggle but she left feeling like she had a proper workout and was instantly hooked. She continued to attend the classes week after week without a fail. This was starting to feel good!
Within a few months she was working alongside the instructor as an assistant and not long after she passed her training course in May with flying colours. This was Nat's calling. 
In October, with help of her supportive partner she officially launched Nat::fit. People were intrigued by this new, bubbly, energetic and fun instructor. Everyone wanted more of her! Within a year she grew from holding 4 small classes a week to currently 11 classes a week. They've gone from 8-10 people to 30-35!
Since becoming an instructor her fitness levels have changed dramatically. Before she was barely making 15 minutes of a class before needing a break and now she's doing two classes back to back and loving it. She's dropped two dress sizes in a year with her body completely changing shape. Hello curves!
She gave up working nights at her job to focus on her business and is now comfortably supporting her family with two boisterous boys! She's absolutely in love with what she does and it's rubbing off on the people around her. I saw a woman come from her class looking INCREDIBLE and completely transformed within months. I was blown away. 
Her classes are child friendly...so no excuses mums! She has classes for with beginners to allow new comers to build their confidence and she has also thrown weights in the mix to encourage muscle tone. It's a little bit of everything awesome! There's some thing to suit everyone. 

Head over to her site or find her on facebook to book yourself in. You won't regret it!