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Oct 13, 2018
My Grandson & My Harley

Ever since I was a kid I've seen my dad dream about having a bike again and he's finally bit the bullet. He purchased a beautiful copper Harley...some call it a mid-life crisis, some call it living the dream. He also bought a sports bike...but that's for another blog. 
He texted me with a photo of a crazy cute Harley Davidson jacket for Rowan not long ago and I knew right away that we'd need to set aside some time during my visit home in Ontario for a badass mini session. Boy did they deliver! 
We parked up by the lake at a special little spot in Roches Point to snap the photos. As soon as that bandana went on his little mug he did that cheeky smile that he does when he's proud. The kid was COOL.
These two only see each other a couple of times a year due to the distance so we try to make sure that the time we do have together is special. One day he'll be old enough to ride on the back...I'm not sure how my heart will handle that!