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Jun 17, 2019

Megan & Lee | Colourful Childhood

This session is was SO close to being rescheduled because we expected rain but am I ever glad we decided to go ahead with a "colourful, rainy" theme.
We had a perfect mixture of sunshine, dark clouds and not a speck of rain! (A part of me wishes we had a little...just a wee bit.)

I could barely contain my excitement as I was snapping away because I knew how special these photos were. I think I said to Megan & Lee's mum "These are so magical" or "It's like an English fairytale!" in a handful of different variations about 10 times. She knew it too;)

I've been photographing these kiddo's for 3 years now and I love that they associate me with a fun adventure because that's what it is really! I like to let the kids take the lead and capture every little ounce of their character. These two in particular are boasting with curiosity and bravery...pretty ideal for photos like these! I already can't wait until next year:)