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Jan 28, 2020

Kilve Beach Adventure Session

I'm sat here at my desk wearing my warm jacket and dreaming of warmer days. We've recently moved to Wellington in Somerset and I've already fallen in love with this quirky little town on the boarder of Somerset and Devon. Currently our house feels like a building a site as we renovate it so I can only dream of what it will look like with summer sun peaking through the windows. For now I can gaze at dreamy adventures sessions like these:)

These are my favourite sessions. When the air is fresh and everyone has their guards down. I try to keep my sessions as natural and authentic as possible with a mission to capture the details that make you family. For the Coll-cats, they love the outdoors, and Kilve beach is somewhere that they'd wanted to go but hadn't yet. See? Not only do family sessions give you gorgeous photos, but they can create new experiences in new places:)

We explored the smooth rocky beach, throw rocks, had tickle fights in the long grass and finished with an absolutely breathtaking sunset. PERFECT.