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Jan 07, 2019

Jade | Portrait Session

I was feeling the itch to shoot a portrait session that was intimate, romantic and a little bit moodier than my usual stuff.
What a perfect way to start off the year...Shooting from the heart.
I perched myself in the corner of the room and had Jade face the window that gives off such a beautiful soft light on an overcast afternoon. I absolutely love natural light. To me, if you can find it, there is no better alternative.
The concept of this session is meant to embrace women being comfortable in their skin. And when I say this, I don't mean solely on appearance. I mean accepting and sinking into a breath of femininity. We are complex, fierce, delicate & beautiful creatures. As a woman, I believe in appreciating everything that we are - despite our sometimes unsettled nature. Our lives are a series of highs and lows that teach us about all of the layers of life. Seasoned yet sometimes plain. 
How blessed we are to feel such an array of emotions. Life is never dull in the mind of woman.