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Nov 13, 2019
How Your Session Changes With The Seasons

March -May

Aaaah sweet, sweet spring! When I think of this season I think of fresh starts and new beginnings.
During a session in the Spring you will find colour after a long grey winter. Daffodils, tulips & Hyacinths will bloom on the landscapes and there will be a joyful feeling in the air.
The days will begin to feel longer as the sun stays out later and you can start to welcome colour and lighter layers into your wardrobe.
Booking a session in the Spring is a nice pick me up...I mean we all deserve a treat after making it through the winter!

The best times to shoot: 5:00-6:30pm 

Note: If it's an overcast day anytime time is a great time to shoot!

June - September

Dresses, shorts, sun tans and floppy hats! In a country that is green all year round, it seems to be even more green during the summer months.

The U.K gets most of its sunlight in the summer which is SO lovely but something to consider when planning, is what time you want to book your session to avoid harsh light.

Did you know that midday sun isn't always great for portrait photography? The direction of light casts harsh shadows and highlights on people's faces. This can be unflattering if it's not photographed correctly.
It's best to avoid it all together by avoiding shooting between 11am & 3pm. Beautiful gold light is always found later in the day just before sunset. It's late - but 100% worth it!

The best times to shoot: 7-8:30pm 

TIP: If that feels to late for your kiddo's discuss with you photographer some shaded options. 

September - December (The best months for colours are September & October)

One word: COLOUR. 

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to have your family session. Not only is the landscape rich with oranges, reds & yellows but there is something about the way the light is that is so magical. 

If you have small children that tend to get a little cranky later in the day this is the best season to shoot. That soft and lovely light that I love so much falls earlier in the day before your little ones are ready for PJ's and bedtime. 

Best time to shoot: 3-4:00pm 


Give me all of the cosy vibes! Warm knits & beanies means lots of texture for beautiful photographs.

The winter is also a time for festivities! Booking your session before Christmas make lovely and easy Christmas gifts for family. 
Renewing your family portraits in January or February can not only be a good way to break up the "Boring" months but it can signify your growth and a fresh start for the new year.

There's no need to save your photos for summer! You can always have a cosy in-home session or if you're someone who feels more confident in a cute jacket and a beanie, than a summer dress then maybe this is the season for you to shine:)

Best time to shoot: 2-3:30pm.