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Apr 22, 2018
Emiliee & Stuart | Clevedon Pier

Emiliee & Stu showed up hand in hand, her in a cute red skirt and tights, Stu rocking ripped jeans with his guitar slung over his shoulder. They were absolutely smitten with each other and I knew it from the minute I saw them.
We started our journey skipping down the beautiful wooden Clevedon Pier waiting until the day settled into golden hour to hit the rocks...and by that I don't mean a martini on the rocks. I mean the beautiful and rustic coastline with the Pier shining in all of its glory in the distance.
Stu played his guitar while Emiliee quite obviously showed sore eyes for him. We danced and skipped around the rocks while locals listened to music, relaxed around bonfires and collectively enjoyed the setting sun behind us. We had an audience, but we didn't mind. I don't think anyone had a care in the world this evening...the mood was perfect. No room for anything but good vibes. 
Just as the sun was saying goodbye the rain started to come down on us but we kept shooting under the street lights. A perfect finish:)