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Mar 11, 2020
Cameron's Smile | Grand Pier Family Session

Last weekend I photographed a family that inspired me.
We all walk our own paths of hardships, successes and pivotal moments but some families stories are a little bit more interesting than others.
Carla & Adam have 3 gorgeous children who are so full of life:) Their middle child Cameron was born with a rare genetic disease called 'Norrie Disease' that effects around 40 people in the UK. He was born completely blind and started to lose his hearing around the age of 3. Being autistic, non-verbal & PEG fed comes with its challenges but what surprised me in the most wonderful way is his thirst for life despite his everyday struggles.
Cameron loves the beach and rough play with his dad just like any other young boy. If he wasn't pausing to feel the wind on his face he was smiling...and I mean SMILING.
From spending a short time with this family I learned three things; patience, resilience & unbounded love. It was really beautiful to see how they not only support Cameron, but each other.

To help support Cameron and his family you can donate to these charities: (Raising money to fund vital research in preventing hear loss that comes with Norrie Disease) (Adam will be abseiling down the side of Bristol Children's Hospital to raise funds for 'Above and Beyond Charity')

Every little bit helps. Send love Cameron and his families way!