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Apr 25, 2018

Baby Rowan | Newborn Session

Rowan is Holly & Sean's little winter baby. Dark hair, blue eyes...looking like daddy. (I think so anyway!)
At just 5 weeks old he showed so much curiousity, especially for the sky above us. He was a such a good little baby. Only a few little whinges, but nothing that mummy and daddy couldn't fix. They're naturals already!
As soon as they led me through the beautiful victorian home to the conservatory I smiled ear to ear. The light was perfect. With the clouds defusing the light coming through all of the windows it made for a beautifully lit in home studio. I was one happy photographer:)
We took our time shooting, stopping a couple of times when Rowan needed a feed or change but otherwise he was an absolute pleasure to photograph. I do feel bad about moving the entire room around to make use of the beautiful space! Photographers do that sometimes...:)