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Nov 20, 2019
A Day In Our Life

Welcome to a typical Sunday in our home!
I thought it would be fun to have my camera at arms reach throughout the day so that I could capture the little things that make us...US:)
The day started with me waking up to wonderful giggles coming from the window as my son and husband played football in the garden.
I would argue thats nicer than hearing the birds chirping in the morning.
The morning followed in typical Gibbons fashion with coffee, yoga and dancing. This is pretty much a ritual for us. If we aren't dropping some epic dance moves to hip hop or Paolo Nutini on the weekend than life is going too fast and we definitely need to slow down. 
I call my husband "The King of Brunch" because,'ll see if the picture of the healthy feast he cooked for us.
Rowan has a little green thumb like his parents and likes to get involved with watching our plants grow. Clearly I'm not the only one taking photographs. Can we all take a second to applaud my husbands blossoming photography skills?!
We captured tantrums and laugh attacks on our journey to and from our local pub. What you didn't see prior to the black and white photo of me laughing hysterically is Kieron's jeans falling too his knees in the middle of the road. I should also add that we weren't kept up with the laundry can paint a picture of what was missing. LOOOOLLLL.
We wrapped our day up with a bath and snuggles by the fire. PERFECT.
My younger self used to thrive off of chaos chasing the wind to different countries around the world..I wouldn't miss a social event and pulled myself in many different directions.
The new me has learned to love a simple life!
So here's a little peak at it:)
P.s Anyone else brush their kids teeth in the kitchen or is it just us?