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Jan 07, 2020

5 Questions Answered About Newborn Sessions

Expecting a baby? Congratu-freaking-lations!
Welcome to the exciting world of parenthood:) Perhaps you want to document your new little ones first days of their lives because they're just so precious but also because the months after their birthday are just straight up hazey. Pictures will help you remember!

I've answered a handful of common questions regarding newborn sessions that I hope you will find helpful:)

When should I book in my newborn session?

This is a really common question. It can be confusing when it comes to thinking about due dates, late arrivals or early arrivals. 
Ask your self if you want to capture those very fresh new days within 2 weeks of their birth date?
Or would you rather wait a little longer? It's incredible how much a baby can change in such a short amount of time!
After 4-6 weeks their features will start to change enough so that they're still adorable and new, but they will start to develop their unique facial features. Perhaps even some cheeky smiles!
Also your photographer might have a flexible diary so let them know once baby arrives and they might be able to move your session date sooner/later. 

What works best for my family?

This is a question you should ask yourself.
Maybe you have other children and you've been here before and uou might already have an idea of what to expect after baby is born. Of course every pregnancy and birth is unique but perhaps you might like to take things slowly and settle into your new routine first? Or maybe you like the idea of having visitors sooner than later?

If you think that your other children might benefit from more time bonding with baby before your family newborn session, maybe waiting 4 weeks or so much create a stronger connection in the pictures. 

Every family is different so think about what would be best for you:)

What if baby is super needy?

Of course they are! We all know that babies need a lot of love and care so nursing/bottle feeding breaks are absolutely welcome. If baby needs a nappy change, burping or swaying than please do so. In fact capturing those moments might be your most loved, giving you all of the nostalgia in future because, well...that's what you'll be doing a lot of!
I plan for newborn sessions to run a little bit longer for these reasons don't worry about little breaks when needed.

Can I do outfit changes?

Absolutely! So many adorable outfits to wear and show off in so little time before they're grown out of!
I recommend keeping it to 1-2 outfits as changing can be unsettling for baby and less changing time means more beautiful moments captured:)

Where should we take the pictures?

Family snuggles on the bed, natural everyday moments in the lounge or babies nursery are all great options for storytelling and honest pictures.
Something to consider is which rooms provide the most natural light.
Big windows? Perfect.