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Dec 29, 2017
5 Reasons Why You Definitely Shouldn't Book Family Photos

I'm sure you keep seeing "beautiful" family photos around your friends houses and on their social media profiles. What show offs huh? 
Here's a handful of reasons why it's a complete waste of time. 

Keep investing in more important things like coffee & Take aways.
I know, we buy them on a whim and they add up but what are memories worth anyway? Not more than a caffeine or burger craving!

2. Mum doesn't need to be in the portraits.
She's so good at capturing memories of dad and the kids so thats more than enough. 
Keep clickin behind the camera mumma! 

3. Your children won't want to sit down with their own kids in 20 years and flip through old family photos like we used to.
They have so many up to date selfies these days, who cares what they looked like when they were babies!

4. Grandparents portraits with their grandchildren? Who cares about that stuff?!
I'm pretty confident that your toddlers will keep those memories stored safely in their little brains. Grandparents live forever these days anyways! 

5. You're basically a pro with your fancy iPhone camera.
Those photographers are a bunch of phoneys. All of the time they spent educating and practising won't make nicer photos than you. You're the absolute best.

Now CLEARLY this a completely sarcastic blog and what it's really saying is that booking in your family photos is important and you should most definitely do it!